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WHY Workshop

Highly interactive workshop for teams of up to 16 people.  Explore what drives each team member, how to live your purpose, and how to flourish as a team.   Each team member will discover their WHY, HOW and WHAT, and how to link to the company’s vison, so they are living on purpose every day.

Investment full-day $6,000 or half-day $4,000


strengths workshop

Research has shown that a focus on strengths rather than weakness has been associated with enhanced performance, work satisfaction, and self-esteem. In addition, leaders who practiced strengths-based development for themselves and their teams were more successful and effective. Workshop will discover each participants’ strengths, and importantly, how to spot strengths in others, and maximise a strengths approach to leadership and teams.

Investment full-day $6,000 or half-day $4,000.


bespoke workshop

Create a workshop or workshop series bespoke to your needs.