In early 2018 Kate experienced a spontaneous vertebral artery dissection and minor stroke whilst cycling.  As fate would have it, at the time she was also completing a masters degree in positive psychology. In a unique keynote, Kate shares the physical, mental and emotional roller-coaster of an sudden and unexpected change in life circumstances, and how she applied everything she had learnt to rehabilitating and rewiring her brain.  With a background in music, Kate beautifully intertwines the keynote with songs, self-accompanied on the piano, making it an journey to remember and a reminder to make the most of this thing called 'life'.

keynote 2: STRENGTHS based leadership

When Kate was rehabilitating her brain injury, a world of possibilities became a world that reminded her of everything she couldn't do.  This keynote explores how a strengths-based approach (focusing on what works and what people are good at) at a leadership level can produce high quality connections that support company outcomes.  The science of focusing on strengths rather than weakness has been associated with enhanced performance, work satisfaction, and self-esteem.  There is the option to add-on a workshop where you will identify your own strengths, understand how to spot strengths in others, and how to utilise these new skills both in your professional and personal life.  

Keynote 3: Future of Work

Finish high school – tick.  Go to University or get a trade? Tick.  Job for life? Noooooope. It’s almost like going to the gym a couple times when you were 20 years old, and expecting to be fit for the rest of your life.  Which, if you’re lucky, will be around 100 years old.

The world of work is changing and the generation before, cannot innately prepare the generation after. The future of work is about continuous learning, where adapting is not A skill set, it is THE skill set.  This keynote will look at the importance of the soft-skills of WHO you are, followed by what you do, not the other way around.

Keynote 4: Intrinsic Motivation – Find your WHY

Throughout your future careers, your job, title, location and skills will change – one thing that will stay the same, and will drive you, is your WHY. This is the common thread that pulls everything together, whether you are conscious that it is happening or not.

Research in positive psychology shows that external motivation is short lived, and true motivation comes from within. To increase motivation, you need to understand yourself, what makes you tick, and what gets you out of bed in the morning.  This is your motivation. And everyone is different.  This keynote shows the importance of understanding yourself, your WHY, and then any WHAT can follow.  There is an option to add-on a workshop where you will discover your own personal WHY, HOW and WHAT.