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The Science Behind our Strengths Forum

Hosted by Puresource Recruitment

Social neuroscience shows that as humans we are wired to connect and feel a sense of belonging. However despite this need, connecting and leading people is no easy task. In this Cupcakes and Conversation session we will explore how utilising a strengths-based approach to teams and leadership can produce high quality connections that support company outcomes. We will look at the science of how focusing on strengths rather than weakness has been associated with enhanced performance, work satisfaction, and self-esteem. In addition, you will identify your own strengths, understand how to spot strengths in others, and how to utilise these new skills as soon as you return to your workplace.

Leading this forum will be Kate Peardon. Kate’s specialty is unleashing brilliance in people, teams and companies. She is a consultant, business coach, and a part-time People and Development Director. Her goal is to help leaders and their organisations thrive by educating managers to understand behaviour – centering on strengths rather than addressing constraints – and to leverage this understanding to achieve extraordinary results. She believes the enemy of learning is knowing; and is insatiably curious about people, learning and travelling. With a degree in Human Resource and a Master of Business Administration, Kate is currently completing an Executive Masters in Positive Strategy and Leadership in Spain.